Sunday, 19 January 2014

Getting a Degree Programme..

It is the time of the year where students prepare for their school's first semester and working adults at the state of working hard again after the December festive holiday is over...

Just like many others, I report to work on weekdays and the monthly tasks were pretty much the same. My first year was more on observations and learning, next comes knowing how to overcome challenges and developing professional skills. Talking about challenges, I realised from time to time there will always be people picking on us no matter how hard we tried and how good we did at work.. Don't the company culture feels that encouraging people are an approach way better than always finding where our mistakes were?..

Creating a new phase:

Now that my workload at work is manageable and everything seems to have stabilised, I went on to take up a degree programme. It was a difficult decision to make, to be financially and mentally prepared... and to know what course actually benefit me the most in my future career path.

I first came across this chosen programme through the sponsorship list of the various degree programme my company offered. Then, my best friend and friends around me were telling me about the schools they applied and got into (Good influencer). Then, there was Open House where I got to hear what the head of programme and the lecturer says about the course. Everything came like a flow and direct me easily to where I am now - a UniSIM student of Bsc Business.. Taking up this course has a lot more advantages than i first thought. The more appealing one would be their 55% government subsidy (That was a lot!). Books are well prepared and available for students which means students do not have to source and buy them outside campus (I am surprised when i first know about this). Notes, video and mp3 recordings and even past years exams references were provided for students as well. I have just attended 3 of their workshops during the past weekends before the official course starts, those workshops were indeed very useful! For all these, is a priviledge that i am thankful for! :)

Weeks of uncertainties before the official email from the course Dean received and the official letter came in the mail;
Student membership card;
Feels good to be a student again :)

For a fresh new start,
Pens from The Paper Stone and backpack from online..
3 Writing pad for $10 from Typo, cool covers!
(One for my boyf, one for my cousin, and another one for myself)
Had also prepared new laptop and mouse for school! =D

Some time ago,
bought these Pretty Pink hangers at 3 sets (8 hangers each) for $29.90 from Japan Home;
(Great for the new year!)