Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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The Mentholatum Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang Contest

Acnes Medicated Skincare Singapore is currently running the Acnes Ultimate Ulzzang 'BEST FACE' contest and has now calling for the final online voting ( From NOW till 1st Sept 2013 ), start voting for your favourite Ultimate Ulzzang here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acnes.sg/app_714692158545976 

By participating in the voting, you might be one of the 3 lucky voters to win a pair of GV movie ticket!

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3 winners will be selected and a chance to win a polaroid camera each!

Good Luck!~

[Product Review] Vita Yin Yang - A Great Health Enhancer


We have heard more and more health problems arising these days and that keeping the right diet and plenty of rest may no longer sound as easy to most of us who has busy schedules to follow each day. Most importantly, how many of us really eat what's right? How many of us willing to spend that extra time in the morning to prepare our very own organic, healthy lunch box?

External pollution, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise can all take a toll on our lungs and kidneys, giving rise to illness and disorder. In Chinese medicine, kidney and lung function are related so that a weakness in either organ can create problems such as respiratory discomfort, coughing and general malaise. Made from 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps* (One of the most precious Chinese herbal medicines), Vita Yin Yang is the ultimate health enhancer for kidney, lung and immune functions, achieving the balance our body need.

*Cordyceps has long regarded as an elixir of life, consumed by the imperial and wealthy families as an exclusive nutritional supplement. Cordyceps possesses both therapeutic and nutritional properties for overall health. Hidden in the western China on high mountains 12,000 feet above sea level, Cordyceps are rare, hard to find, exclusive and expensive.

Unboxing Vita Yin Yang,
6 packs x 10 capsules = 60 capsules of Vita Yin Yang in a box, 
with each capsule containing 15 wild cordyceps (in terms of active ingredient),
made in Hong Kong and is available at any Guardian stores at SGD$109 per box (Original retail price)

Vita Yin Yang is formulated to tonify the lungs and the kidneys, strengthening our immune system. It helps retain useful nutrients; excrete harmful substances and alleviate excretory problems; relieve symptoms of weak kidneys such as tiredness; and delay the need for medical intervention such as kidney washouts. It also helps to improve lung functions which include relief coughing and breathing discomforts from air pollution, and improved inhalation and exhalation. These magic pills not just a good remedy for weakness and a good enhancer for rejuvenation, it also in turn helps to prevent hair loss.

As advertised,

With smaller packs of 6 in a box, i shared it to my parents and gave them both 2 packs each, especially helpful for my dad who have been experiencing very bad cough lately..

Tip: Vita Yin Yang can be used to boil herbal tonic soups by pouring the Cordyceps powder out of the capsule into the tonic soups.

Dosage: For health maintenance, take 1 capsule daily. For health improvement, take 2-3 capsules daily.
              It has very minimal herbal taste and small in size that can be easily gulp down the throat.
              ( I personally took 1 daily in the morning before heading out to work )

For more info visit: http://www.vitagreen.com/en/vita-yin-yang

Saturday, 24 August 2013

[Media Tasting] DOMINOS PIZZA For Everyone!

Hey readers! Dominos Pizza is currently offering a 50% off pizzas deal for all my readers and friends simply by using my unique coupon code " BLG92 " . This promo started on 27th June 2013 and its coming to an end very soon ( Promo code will end on 27th August 2013 ). I must say i really do enjoy eating their pizzas, their onion rings, their drumlets and wings, their chicken crunchies and their lava cake! Really thankful for letting me know about Dominos Pizza and have the chance to try most of their pizzas at a great 50% off !

Just ordered 2 large pizzas and a side from the recently for the fam and myself,
orders came as promised.. in 30 mins.
had one Meatzza on classic hand toss & one Classified Chicken on crunchy thin crust..
feels that Classified Chicken doesn't go well with thin crust,
but their classic hand toss, on the other hand, is Yummy!! =)

( Read my first post on Dominos Pizza here: http://meryl-lpy.blogspot.sg/2013/06/dominos-pizza-party.html )

I hope you guys will continue to support me till the promo ends,
and if you have yet to try out their pizzas, this is a great chance to have a taste of it!
( who knows you might love it?! ^^ )

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Finding Directions

Waking up in the morning,
 everything seems the same..
but it didn't feels right at all.
I sense the feeling of losing directions..
familiar questions pops up in the mind..
Still wondering where and what's next.

Making decision is never an easy task for me,
afraid of regrets, afraid of not being able to handle well.
Been reading up. A good time alone researching..
 Probably some time later i'll have a clearer view,
and back with something inspiring.

Plan to have an early rest tonight,
for tomorrow's gonna be another busy day to fight for!

[Product Review] Juicy Shower by LIESE

LIESE has come out with the all-new 2-in-1 Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist, treatment and styling aid developed specially for permed and wavy hair!

Start Your Day On A Berry Good Note!
Do you usually experience bad, messy looking hair when you wake up in the morning? I do. So most of the time we had to wake up earlier to shower and then blow dry them (especially girls with long hair). However, there are days i feel really lazy and decided not to wash my hair, i bun it up so my hair won't get wet and that i don't have to blow dry them after shower and i just head out with a pony tail, trying to hide those wavy, messy hair.=X
My undone hair under natural light
My undone hair under indoor room light

Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist, an extension to the current Juicy Shower range, specially made for wavy hair contains wave defining ingredients, to bring out beautiful waves in permed or wavy hair. It infused with raspberry extract that provides moisture to dry and damaged permed or wavy hair, transforming them into bouncy and shiny curls that also gives off nice berry scent that last all day!

Just A Few Spritzes In The Morning!
Yes! Just a few spritzes before heading out in the morning will help to revitalize and moisturize our hair. Dull and limp curls no more!

I took no longer than 2mins in two easy steps;

1) Product can be sprayed either on dry or damp hair, hold bottle about 15cm away from hair and pressed the trigger effortlessly towards the wave lines.

2) Then, scrunch the wave lines with fingers.

And tada!!! My finish look!~
It takes a while for hair to dry after spraying Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist.. My wavy hair look more even after use and am ready to head out without having the trouble to wet my hair and blow dry it. What i love most was the effect of the treatment, leaving hair soft especially when i wash them at the end of the day! Before this, i have been using Liese Hair Treatment Water and this latest collection, Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist has added a "bonus" with its styling performance that able to define wavy curls!
John Tham, Liese Hair Expert says, “Every lady wants the perfect hair that lasts all day but not all are willing to sacrifice their beauty sleep. The answer to these ladies who want it quick and perfect is the new Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair. Undeniably fuss-free and light, this new hair mist helps ladies achieve shiny and elegant waves in just a few spritzes right after they get out of bed. The non-sticky, non-greasy formula doesn’t weigh hair down, leaving curls looking and feeling bouncy. Also, the raspberry scent brings on a great mood to start the day!”
LIESE Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist for Wavy Hair is retailing at S$14.90 for the trigger bottle (200ml), and S$16.90 for the refill bottle (400ml) at all leading pharmacies, personal care stores, and supermarkets. For more information, do check out Liese's webpage!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

My HDB Story

For years, The HDB has been providing quality yet affordable homes for generations of Singaporeans! HDB (Housing Development Board), also known as public housing, is no stranger to us living in Singapore. Viewing down from a top level, block of flats can be spotted almost everywhere across the island, giving a unique landscape. Though having more Singaporean moving towards private housing, many of us (about 80%) still choose to stay in HDB and there's definitely reason(s) why so..

I have been living in my current place (New Upper Changi Road) since Primary One, that's like 17years already!

Previously was living in Khatib, which was quite a nice environment. One of the most memorable event back then was my six years old BIG birthday celebration! Why do i describe it as big? My mum actually arranged to help invite all my neighbors' kids over to our place (some are my kindergarten classmates, and some are my mum's housewives friends.) I remember how happy i was seeing how busy my granny, my mum and some of the kids mothers were cooking all our favourite dishes, seeing how playful yet helpful the kids were blowing party balloons and preparing the table. i felt like a little princess, all i did was getting myself changed and doll-up and snapping pictures with my presents! HAHA. This is one great things living in a HDB, we get to have a lot of neighbour friends, play with their kids, and they are usually very understanding and helpful when we need one another. Life is simple but happy like that.

My dad had a job offered at Singapore Changi Airport back then so my parents decided to move over to Bedok. Partly, also because for a much comfortable living space, from a 3-room flat to a current 4-room flat, with my bro having his own room and me sharing another with my sister.

My block can be found and seen on google map, wasn't difficult to locate at all!
Neighbourhood was much quieter here even though we live here for a much longer period, probably there are lesser kids here.. BUT we love this place because its super convenient and accessible to our needs. Dad has his direct bus to work, market was less than 5mins walk away, and our (siblings and i) primary and secondary schools were just next to our block!

Here's the map of my neighbourhood, as you can see.. everything my family and i need  is within walking distance for us, sports complex, marketplace, schools and bus stops to both Bedok and Tanah Merah train stations (heading to town was 23mins away); It's super convenient! This explain why we live here for so many years and won't be moving house again unless exception..

Of course my house may not be the best spot and surrounding facilities might not suit your preference.. but fret not, there are so so many other locations out there, there have to that one particular place that you will like or suits your needs, that one area that you prefer most!

So, how and where to start your search? Look for iProperty.com of course! The one-stop service for everything we need to know and need to find! Me too, am looking at iProperty.com for some future planning as i  will be moving away from my family a few years later so as to build my own family. It's better to plan ahead and set ourselves a direction, yea?

About iProperty.com.sg:
iProperty.com Singapore is the country’s leading property website. They have the largest database of listings that cover hdb flat, property for rent, private apartments, condos, landed property, commercial property, newly launched projects and even overseas property. Ultimately, known as a smart search engine for property. Whether we are looking to buy a home or property for sale, their network of real estate agents who are subscribed to their service will be on hand to help us navigate the property market. We can also search for specialist agents using their property agent directory or developers using their property agent directory.

For more information, check out their;
Website: http://www.iproperty.com.sg/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ipropertysg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iProperty_SG

Sunday, 11 August 2013

[Product Review] Ground Coffee x São Tomé Luxury Chocolate by CAFEDIRECT

Like many, i am a coffee lover be it having it served sweet, bitter, hot or cold! Not just because i need them to keep me focus at work.. I just love that interesting, satisfying taste it gives when sipping on a nice cup of coffee and even before it was watered and mixed, i will tend to sniff the aroma of coffee ground! As much as i like coffee, i don't restrict to just one brand.

I like how Cafédirect and its workers believes in working towards environmentally sustainable production, just take a look at the material they choose in packaging. Here's a chart i copied from their web, showing a summary of Cafédirect's sustainable packaging;

I hereby introduce to you the award-winning and most recommended UK hot beverage company,
CAFEDIRECT and their latest creations to suits our local taste-buds:

Ground Full Roast Coffee  &  
 São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate

The Ground Full Roast Coffee is one of their latest blended roast and ground coffee range. Being a strength 4 blend (On a scale of 1 to 5), it has been carefully roasted to create a full-bodied, rounded coffee with velvety caramel overtones, bursting with character.

The smooth Arabica beans (90%) from Latin America and Central America, grounded by the energetic Robusta from Africa (10%) are carefully blended for a full-bodied coffee that’s also silky on the palate. And, as with all of Cafédirect’s products, it is made the small way by expert smallholder growers whose pride and passion deliver the finest taste!

Cafédirect’s Ground Full Roast Coffee is retailing at $8.70 for a 227g pack and is available at Cold storage, FairPrice Finest, Giant, Jasons and Market Place.
I can already smell the aroma of the fine ground coffee just by sniffing near the packaging without opening it! Coffee drinkers who crave a coffee flavour between something fuller than medium roast yet lighter than rich roast will be delighted with this new addition to the Cafédirect range of blends!
 To have a smooth blend, a coffee plunger or a filter is required else your cup of coffee will look like this (still drinkable though);

3-in-1 São Tomé Instant Hot Chocolate – directly from Chocolate Island…

On the other hand, São Tomé, also known as Chocolate Island, is steeped in cocoa farming history and has an unparalleled reputation for growing some of the most prized cocoa beans on earth – the criollo bean. This is due to the islands location on the equator, rich soils, the perfect balance of temperature along with the perfect humidity and forest shade. São Tomé gives a rich yet smooth taste, with only four ingredients and no added nasties you’re guaranteed a truly natural flavour in every cup!  
This fine chocolate powder smell really tasty! It contains no artificial additives, flavouring or colouring, offering 100% natural alternative to instant beverages. And don't worry about having too much of it because each serving contains only 62 kcal! With its fine grade cocoa powder, combined with sugar, skimmed milk and whey powder to give a delicate, velvety beverage with an intense chocolatey aroma.
Cafédirect’s São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate is retailing at $8.85 for a 300g tin and is available at Cold storage, FairPrice Finest, Jasons and Market Place.

Hot Chocolate, as it was named, can also be served chilled! I think its great to have a cup of iced chocolate in the morning before heading out to work, giving a refreshing feel. Just add in cold water and some ice to a 2-3 tablespoons of Cafédirect’s São Tomé Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder and stir well! 

Other wonderful drinks that can be made are Cold Tiramisu Drink; chocolate milkshake; Coco Loco with ice-cream; and many more! This are great for friends or family gathering at home, with the right ingredients added and a blender, we too, can enjoy a luxury cup of chilled chocolate or mocha (mixing with ground roast coffee) from our most comfortable living space - Home!

For more information, check out Cafédirect’s webpage; http://www.cafedirect.co.uk/

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A Good Day

Today is a good day, nothing much actually.. Just good!
Work; Friends, Love, and even this space..
 Everything are in good hands.. for these, I'm thankful.

Went to redeem Chanel's latest Resynchronising Skincare collection (sample set) with Tina;
followed by a nice dinner at JustAsia, extremely valuable for money with refillable drinks and ice-cream! Both of us had a set meal and we shared a side dish (Tofu!) - Our total bill was only $20+!

 Mushroom pasta

And came home to my surprise with Liese Moisture Hair Mist. =)
Love the whole presentation when it was delivered.

Always seems like, 
when the day is good, everything turns out wonderful..
as if a Tinker Bell came by and sprinkle her pixie dust on top of me..
and if not, it feels like the whole world is against me.
Good times, they don't last long,
afraid of being too blessed,
that things are gonna start falling apart again..
 *negativity strike!*

Monday, 5 August 2013

Shandy's Birthday celebration!

A little back-dated here..

We had a success surprise birthday dinner for Boyf's mum that was suggested by his mum's good friend, Uncle Dom and his beloved wife, Yvonne and their super sweet girl! They were all really really nice to us!!

Boyf's mum had no idea what we are up to till the last moment! HAHAHA! This is kinda exciting.. Both her children played a big role in it, especially boyf's sis, Shermaine, who puts in all the effort in covering up everything, staying with her throughout, delaying her time by helping her to doll up and strolling with her along clarke quay. While boyf is the one who is helping in fetching and gathering all the rest of us together! Well done, babyboy!

Heard they took about 2 weeks of planning but due to some changes in between, in the end they decided to just have a pleasant dinner together at Dragon Phoenix Restaurant at Liang Court. The place was a little quiet that day even though its a Sunday evening. Must be due to the location, situation at a level where not many people will go up. Their food and service were good though!

Not long after we settled down, Shermaine walked in with her mum and when we all think that boyf's mum was looking at us, Dom's family started saying "SURPRISE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY In Advance"~ and tears started flowing down her cheeks! Super touched la~
Uncle Dom and his family with boyf's mum. You guys did it! ^^
Thanks for everything that happened that night!

Now,.. time for food into our tummy~
One of it's signature dish - the Yam Basket (filled with vegetarian ingredients), a really yummy dish and i do love it at first bite as it kinda reminds me of potato croquette! Doesn't taste like the usual yam at all. It's no wonder is Aunt Yvonne's favourite dish of all!

Thought that we are done after the last dish, but no... Uncle Dom's and his family actually prepared a cake, a yummy chocolate waffle cake from Four Leaves! Awesome~
Yums Yums.. Shermaine and i both had two servings each!
Okay, now a happy family shot! SMILE~

Saturday, 3 August 2013

[Product Review] Sparkling Wine - by JAILLANCE

Was recently introduced to award-winning Jaillance sparkling wine so here i am, sharing it here ~!

Sold in over 14 different countries with roughly 120,000 walk-in customers per year, Jaillance is France's leading brand of Sparkling wines - Appellation d'Origine Protégée sparkling wines, originates from the Drôme Valley, nestled between Vercors and Provence, and represents the Cave de Die, a cooperative founded in 1950 under the leadership of Henri Bonnet.

 Jaillance 's range of sparkling wines includes (from left to right in above image);  
  (1) Merlot
  (2) Semillon
  (3) Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Gamay
  (4) Chardonnay
  (5) Muscat, Clairette

Late last year, Jaillance launched part of their range here in Singapore, the Sémillon and the Muscat, Clairette retailing at $29.90 and $26.90 respectively at Bottles & Bottles, Cold Storage, Giant, Jasons and MarketPlace.

 Award-winning, elegant-looking bottles with 750ml in size

  The Muscat, Clairette
Fruity flavour with notes of Muscat grapes and Citrus fruit, with 7% alcohol by volume.. The Muscat, Clairette is fruity, full and elegant, sophisticated with hints of white flowers, rose and lychee. It is well-balanced and rounded on the attack with a good mousse. It was said to be an excellent dishes for pairing with barbecues prawn and mango skewers with lemon and sambal, grilled chicken skewers with caramel-based gravy, grilled beef rib with teriyaki sauce, grilled pork spare ribs with honey and soy sauce or pork chops with oyster sauce! Alternatively, as an appetizer, pairing with frozen desserts, fresh fruit flans and cakes!

Muscat, Clairette consists of a harmonious blends of 90% Muscat and 10% Clairette.

Tasted it with my mum and dad, and we like the citrus aroma that blends well with oyster sauce in one of mum's home-cooked dish. Personally prefers this than the Sémillon, maybe because the alcohol level is lower, and its distinctive fruity-rosy aroma is higher.. i guess most ladies will like it too!

The Sémillon
While the Sémillon, on the other hand, 12.5% alcohol by volume, elegantly offers notes of brioche with an aroma of gooseberry, pomelo and hawthorn. This won them the bronze medal at the 2012 Challenge to the Best French Wines and Spirits for Asia for its clarity, intensity, harmony and aftertaste when paired with Asian cuisine. Similar to the Muscat, Clairette, it is well-balanced and rounded on the attack with a good mousse. It was said to be an excellent dishes for pairing with barbecues favourites such as grilled salmon with tomato and sambal, chicken skewers with lemongrass and yoghurt, beef skewers with ginger and soy sauce or tuna skewers with coriander and ginger. Alternatively, as an appetizer, pairing with an aumoniere of prawns in saffron which is very popular in France. 

Sémillon consists of 100% pure Semillion which is most commonly found in high-end white Bordeaux still wines.

Had an enjoyable time at boyf's place for his mum's bdae celebration, and Jallance's Sémillon was served. Jallance's Sémillon sweeten our palate after a heavy steamboat gathering! One of them suggest pairing it with lychee, and it turns out great!

You may find Jaillance's sparkling wines rather acidic as well so a great way to savour them is to pair them with food that are rich in flavours!

With our all-time humid and warm weather, sipping on a glass of sparkling wine during/ after dining gives a cool and refreshing feel. The brut Sémillon and the sweety fruity Muscat, Clairette are both delectable options to bring down tropical temperatures. It would be great to have them at a poolside or a beachfront grill!

Ms Marine Lombardo, Marketing Manager for Jaillance, shares that "The effervescence, acidity and flavour profile of sparkling wines make them ideal matches for a range of cuisines. A cold glass of Jaillance is exceptionally pleasing with the caramelised, charred and smoky flavours at a barbecue."

For more information, check out Jaillance's webpage http://www.jaillance.com 

Would love to try their premium range, especially the limited edition - Clairette de Die Cuvée Icône.