Friday, 29 March 2013

[Media Invite] Launch of Color Zoom 2013 - BEAUTIFY collection by GOLDWELL

GOLDWELL's profession, being in the leading edge of hair trends, is both a customer and consumer-oriented brand, with European heritage. Established as far back in the 1948 by Hans Erich Dotter, it develops and exclusively supplies hair products and services world-wide to hairdressing professionals.

Over the years, with recognitions from many, Goldwell's innovative haircare products are currently used by salon professionals in over 40 countries! Before i moved on to their hair trend - Color Zoom, here are the range of products offered by Goldwell;

(1) Topchic permanent hair colour - Goldwell's core hair colour product that delivers superior and reliable results. It contains Coenzyme Technology which guarantees maximum colour brilliance with hair that is left in optimum condition.

(2) Colorance demi-permanent hair color - Contains a gentle and ph-balanced formula, it's patented Intralipid Technology replaces lost lipids inside the hair, improving hair structure by up to +35%.

(3) Elumen - Greatly known for it's incomparable colour results. It is an oxidant-free hair colour that combines colour brilliance, vivid gloss and superb durability while improving hair structure at the same time.

(4) Nectaya - An ammonia-free permanent hair colour that contains Goldwell's advanced intraLipid technology which deeply nurtures the hair during tthe colouring process by replenishing loss lipids. It also enriched with precious Argan oil, Nectaya is a super nurturing hair colour that leaves hair noticeably healthier, in exceptionally rich colours.

Because of it's well-known hair range products with its most innovative colouring, styling and treatment techniques, Goldwell became one of the leading company in the hair industy with its latest fashion trends! Goldwell never fails to surprise us with a different hair trend each year. As for year 2013, Goldwell kicks it up with a notch with its Color Zoom BEAUTIFY Collection of new hair trends, created by its Global Color Zoom Creative Team ( The team consists of Demi-Leigh Gardiner, Ben Lin, Lisa Whiteman and working alongside with Global Creative Masters - Agnes Westerman and Shane Henning).

The New Goldwell BEAUTIFY collection as stated, is about making the world a more worthwhile place to live through sheer optimism and positive thinking! It creates unconventional, unique cuts and colourful styles. Colours, patterns and materials transform urbanized landscapes into liveable societies. The new came up with the new mix & match concept, which uses unconventional shade combinations and ethnic patterns found in all sorts of handicrafts such as knitting, stitching or painting.
This result in Beautiful and highly individual hair colours and styles!

In conjunction with celebrating the 10th anniversary for Color Zoom, a launch event was held at Clarke Quay, DREAM ( previously named Zirca). It was an honor to be invited and be part of their guest for such special occasion. Thanks MaybelineSim for bringing me along with her! =)

The stage,

The crowd,

The Show,

More vibrant hair colours,

More stunning hairstyles,
Some of the amazing stylists and colorists ( Delos Oh, Reno Tan, Peter Wu, Ken Hong and Mario Krankl!) who created the collections for Color Zoom. Prize presentation after that. =) 
*Cheers for all of their creative ideas and amazing skills!*
Models back on the stage again! *Snap! Snap! Snap!*
Goldwell Global Master: Mario Krankl! ( from Austria)
With the lovely girl =D
Their brochures and magazine =)
I can now learn more about the company and its products!
Thank you Goldwell for the night, for sharing with all of us your milestones, achievements & art-work! I really enjoy watching the fashion show!
Also, thank you for sharing with us your products as well! Totally love it!

Do check out Goldwell's Color Zoom website for more information! =)

Dress for the event: Navy-Blue velvet elegant dress from NotJustALabel.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Wedding Ceremony

It's Yew Chung's and Bernice's Big day! Attended their wedding dinner with NHGHQ's friends held at Four Seasons Hotel last night. I love their march in, very lovely with live violinist leading the newly weds.

Carried a clutch (From Aus) out that night

#LOTD: Black dress, red flats, clutch and pin-up fringe

With Tina

With Weney and Elaine

NHG's payroll department

Another shot with Tina

With the bride, Bernice

Speech from the groom with all their heartfelt thanks

Here's pictures of food served,

 The fish is good, love it!

BirdNest soup

This chocolate mousse is super yummy, 
i don't usually like desserts served in wedding dinner, but this one is love!! ^^